tech inquiry

Ed Tech Inquiry Indecision

My ed tech inquiry topic has changed three times now but I think that I have settled on a topic that is going to be both fun and exciting.

At first, I was going to learn about the Google apps available for improving education. The teacher I was partnered with for our Wednesday observations last term, highly recommend learning about the Google Suite. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to learn about all that Google had to offer. Sadly, there were more than the allotted number of people in the group so I looked at the other available options.

The topics of stop-action and e-book creation interested me. I picked e-book making because it seemed more versatile to use in the classroom. I signed up for the topic. I did some preliminary research and found that there are a few websites that offer free e-book makers. Book Creator ( looked like a great resource. The program is straightforward, you can add audio files to make it more interactive, and you can do a trial version that lets you make 40 books for free. It was a good topic. I could see the value of getting students to self publish their books (since the interface is simple enough that I could picture Grades 3+ working on it). Also, the idea of making books with audio intrigued me. However, I was not excited by the project. It was an ok topic that I could use in a classroom.

Things changed the day we had Rich McCue, from UVic’s Digital Scholarship Commons, came in and talk to us. I noticed that on UVic’s website it listed that they have a 3D printer. Now this was an idea that I was excited about! I could imagine using 3D printers to make gears, to show geographical terrain, to make models of the inner ear. So yet again, I swtiched topics. I have signed up for the 3D printing workshop on Feb 11th, and I cannot wait to get started. Here’s hoping that this one sticks.


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