So Many Choices

We had Rich McCue come to our EDCI 336 class last week. We learned about video editing, audio editing, and screen capture. It was a lot of new technology to absorb in the hour and a half.


Video Editing: I could see myself using this technology in the classroom (especially if I was using FreshGrade). It would be nice to be able to remove an unpolished end (eg video of a student turning off the ipad). Adding in audio, titles, and transitions looks like a lot of fun. I am especially intrigued with using green screen. However, everything we learned was on iMovie and I do not have a Mac. Rich said that the program DaVinci Resolve is a free video editor that would work on Windows. I am going to download it and see what kind of movies I can make.

Audio Editing: This was more in my wheelhouse. Once again we were using a Mac product, GarageBand. I think that I am going to stick with Audacity. I know how to use that program. The thing with audio editing is that I am not sure how I would use it in the classroom. The only thing that I could come up with was that I could record myself reading books. Then I could set up a “listening station” in my classroom and students could go there and listen to books that were a higher reading level than they could manage independently. I could even insert a sound that would indicate that it was time to turn the page.

Screen Capture: I have never done screen capture before. I liked how simple it was. I have seen many screen captures (mostly watching StarCraft). I can think of many ways that I could use this in the classroom. I could make students a tutorial on how to do something in GIMP. I could illustrate a math concept in Paint. Maybe I could have a video playing and narrate over-top of it (eg. “See how the lion is hiding so that the zebra can’t see it? … You have to be patient if you are a lion”).

Moral of the story: Technology can be a great way to scaffold learning. I am going to have to practice in order to get comfortable with these teaching tools.


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