tech inquiry

Not all smooth sailing

I am starting to wrap up my ed tech inquiry on 3D printing. I was reading past blog posts and realized how much I have learned over the last few months. I noticed that it was mostly triumphs, but there have been some bumps along the way.

The dreaded warp.

I have learned about warping. Warping occurs if the machine that you are working on does not have a heated build plate. As the hot plastic gets put on the cold build pate it cools, then the next layer of hot plastic gets put on and then it cools. This process occurs over and over again until your edges curl and you have a warp. There are two solutions, print it on the UltraMaker, which has a headed build plate, or make your design smaller.

Also, sometimes the tech just does not want to work. I was going to print a very cool object called the Pythagorean Cup. It is fun because if you pour a little bit of liquid in it, you can drink normally. If you fill it past a certain point then all of your drink will siphon out a hole in the bottom and soak you. I got the file off of Thingiverse and noticed that imports into MakerBot on its side. I thought that it would make much more sense to print the cup standing on its base.

The Cup

I managed to get it to orient upright, but try as I might, I could not get this preview screen to populate. My computer ‘thought’ for over an hour and not even the first layer appeared. I wrote to the DSC and got the advice to try and alter it in Tinkercad (I had almost forgot about that program). With renewed hope I went to upload the file and …

bah humbug

It was too big. I gave up. Maybe I should have just printed it laying down. All of the layers looked good. I just couldn’t picture how the printing would work with the cup in that orientation. It would have cost less then $5 to try but I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

I am looking forward to doing my presentation about my ed tech inquiry on Thursday. I feel that reflecting on the process has shown me how much I have learned. I hope that I can use some of these skills on my practicum.

Also, I want a 3D printer …


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